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Groups and Schools

Grupos y Colegios

Workshops and Activities

From The Climb, we offer a variety of climbing activities for schools and colleges based in our program established under current law LOMCE. In the next courses we will update our content to you once it goes into effect the new law LOMLOE in the Primary stage, Secondary, and high school.

We adapt the activity that we did to schools for any type of group or collective that has an interest in making contact with the climbing.

The activity of climbing is done through 3 workshops:

  • Workshop of Sport Climbing (using protective equipment, and rope).
  • Workshop zip.
  • Shop Climbing Block.


According to the stage of education: primary, secondary, or high school, shall set out the content based on the following point:

Grupos y Colegios

Introduction to the sport of indoor climbing

Knowledge about the material of climbing

Recognize the facilities of Climbing

Appreciate and learn the different routines

Learning Climbing techniques

Timetables and fares

The price includes the above-mentioned activities led by experienced teachers, all the necessary material, and an accident insurance for student.

The activity has a duration 2 hours in which you will learn the techniques gestural and security in each of the modalities taught according to the needs of each educational stage.


Contact us

Si tienes interés en nuestros cursos contacta con nosotros a través del siguiente formulario o llamando al teléfono 646 23 85 61

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