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Celebrate your Birthday in The Climb Kids

Cumpleaños Infantiles de Escalada

Part 1

Children's party Birthday

It consists of an introduction to climbing with teachers of the team of The Climb Kids. To do this we will look at various games related to climbing on that they will get to perform the different circuits that offers The Climb Kids.

In the option KIDS+ it includes the activity of zip-lining or rock climbing with rope, along with goodies for all participants at the birthday party.

Part 2

Snack Child's Birthday

After an hour and a half of climbing, it will enter the hunger necessary for a rich snack accompanied by a birthday cake suitable for children.

A possibility that the little ones can spend the day of your birthday in a different and funny way. Through this activity, the children will feel climbers for a day.

Cumpleaños Infantiles de Escalada

Prices and Requirements

  1. Booking with Deposit of 50€.
  2. Minimum number of children set at 6.
  3. In case of having a child with a food allergy should be notified in advance in order to adapt the menu.
  4. Signature required for acceptance of the conditions of the room.

Requirements that must be met for the reservation for birthday

  • For children 4 to 14 years.
  • The activity has a duration 2 hours.
  • The Activity consists of 90 minutes of climbing and 30 minutes of afternoon tea and birthday cake.
  • If you have any doubts query that consists of our menu birthday child.

Contact us

If you are interested in celebrating a birthday child contact with us via the form below or by calling 91 642 82 88

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